Zombie Virginity – Do you remember your first?

I lost my zombie virginity at an early age to two undead.  Yes, and ever since then, I’ve been a zombie slut.  Hate them, loathe them but can’t get enough of them.  And the more, the better.

My first zombie freak out was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  My school friends had cable and had seen the King of Pop’s horror video on MTV.  I didn’t have cable but heard how cool the video was.  When I found out that it was coming on regular TV, I was pumped.

I sat in the basement on a Saturday.  Michael turning into a werewolf?  Cool.  Chasing the girl?  Exciting.  Movie theatre?  Okay… Cemetery…whoa…what’s that?  BAM.  Mausoleum opening, graves bursting forth, the blue corpse from the sewer, the guy with his arm falling off and the zombie close up at the end?

Second, circa 1980’s still, my late night, probably about 11 year-old mistake of watching too much tv and catching the commercial for “Return of the Living Dead” and seeing Tarman say “MORE BRAINS.”  Yep, I was done.  Scared too far to explain my fear to anyone except my older brother.

Now, I realize MJ is scary today than any zombie and I’ve recently seen “ROTLD” and realize how many different ways I would’ve kicked Tarman’s ass.

But I was ruined.  I’m a zombie ho.

So, to what undead experience did you lose your zombie virginity?  And were they gentle?

3 Responses to “Zombie Virginity – Do you remember your first?”

  1. My first exposure to zombies was a short article in a magazine, Weird Tales I think, about Night of the Living Dead (1968). I was in the second grade or so and I was fascinated by the pictures of the undead on the porch of the old house. My next memory would be the t.v. trailer for Fulci’s Zombie. It scarred the crap outta me. The scenes of the undead wrapped in white sheets rising off the table are what did it. I think I truly lost my zombie virginity to Dawn of the Dead via home video rental in the early 80’s. I was hooked from then on!

  2. my first was resident evil code veronica when i was 5 i think

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