RIP – Michael Jackson

While the world takes note that the “King of Pop” has passed away, we, the zombies, undead and those that fight them, take note that a great creative talent has died.  Despite the media circus attraction that Jackson had deteriorated into, none of us can ignore his contributions with the movie-music-videos of “Ghosts,” “Torture” and, of course, “Thriller.”

Rest in Peace, Michael Joseph Jackson. 1948-2009

2 Responses to “RIP – Michael Jackson”

  1. Thanks for writing this. As people are making crass jokes about what MJ became, I feel like a piece of my childhood just died. My sister, cousin & I created our own Thriller “game” which we played in the backyard while blaring the cassette through our tiny Fisher-Price player. Those were good times.

  2. I am very sad and emotional with the passing of Michael Jackson so young and talented. I grew up with all of his songs, music and I purchased all of his cd’s when I was younger. He had awesome lyrics, beats etc. His talent is uncomparable to anyone and no-one will ever be able to match it ever. Michael you will always be remembered and your music will live forever.

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