New trailer for ‘Dead Snow’

I’ve been looking forward to Dead Snow, the Norweigian Zombie Nazi movie for a while now (when you hear about a new Zombie Nazi movie, you pretty much immediately start looking forward to it).

The film was released yesterday in theaters in New York and L.A. via IFC and IFC On Demand, although since the On Demand version that’s been released is dubbed, I highly recommend waiting until the DVD to see it if you’re not lucky enough to be near a theater that’s playing it.

And although the film’s reviews so far have been mixed at best, I’m still pretty effin’ stoked about it. Which is why it brings me pleasure to say that our good friend, B-Sol over at The Vault of Horror has posted an exclusive new trailer for the flick.

Click on over to The Vault to check it out.

One Response to “New trailer for ‘Dead Snow’”

  1. I was psyched a little about this movie, I’m not a zombie film type. But while watching this trailer the NAZI Zombie gimmick got old quick.

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