The Braaaaains Behind the Blog

Send More Cops

Zombie stuff for people who know their zombies.

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Name: Natalie

Likes: Zombies, cupcakes and blood sports.

Dislikes: Pretty much every thing else.

Favorite zombie movies: The Beyond, Dawn of the Dead (original, please), Zombie

Favorite non-zombie movies: Cannibal Holocaust, Ghost World, and anything starring Sylvester Stallone

Other blog(s): Bake and Destroy


Leigh’s love of zombies started way back in ’85 when she would hide under a blanket every time a commercial ran for the movie The Return of the Living Dead. She’s had a deranged affinity for the undead ever since. Her favorite zombie-nerd moment was bugging Tom Savini with questions about his use of pig intestines in Dawn of the Dead when she met him at Dragon*Con one year.
When Leigh’s not boarding up her windows in preparation for the zombie apocalypse, she spends her time watching movies, baking vegan goodies, and running a vegan specialty store in Atlanta with her husband.


Name: Justin

The first thing Justin did when he was old enough to drive was get a membership to the local Mom-N-Pop video store (remember those?) and rented every horror movie on the shelf, whether he’d ever heard of it or not.  Of course, zombie movies always proved to be the most fun, and his love of the living dead has thrived ever since.  He now spends most of his time arguing the finer points of zombiedom, such as fast zombie vs slow zombie (slow) and brain-eaters vs flesh-eaters (yep there’s a difference), and where he’d hole up in the event of the (inevitable) zombie apocalypse (the otherwise evil Wal-Mart. They have guns, food, beds and video games).

He also likes Star Wars, cupcakes, rock n’ roll, and explosions.  He has a beard.

To find Justin in almost-real life, look him up on MySpace, Facebook, and take a peek into his brain on Tumblr.


Jenn Voorhees (born Glenn Allen Anzalone on June 23, 1955) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, entrepreneur and a progenitor of the horror punk subgenre of music. She is the founder of bands the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig. She also owns the Evilive record label and Verotik, an adult-oriented comic book publishing company.

Voorhees’ musical career, beginning in the mid-1960s, encompasses genres such as punk rock, heavy metal, industrial, blues, and classical. She has written songs for long-time idols Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison.

As a singer, she is noted for her vocal range and distinctive style, which has been compared to that of Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Howlin’ Wolf. As an author, she is known for her fascination with horror, gore, occult, erotic and religious themes.

She is also a chiropractor in Pennsylvania.

11 Responses to “The Braaaaains Behind the Blog”

  1. Send more cops is the best blog name i have ever seen!

  2. provokingpuppet Says:

    wordpress blog site

  3. Thanks to this blog I picked up a copy of World War Z this weekend. And then went on to realize that the NRA is really missing the boat by not reanimating Charlton Heston to promote guns in every American home.

  4. oh my god!! that’s the Cosmo’s lady?? no fricking way!!! I love Cosmo’s. And now I love them even more. I’m going to place an order.

  5. (2nd attempt, my Mac is acting funny)

    This site is stellar! I have huge admiration for someone who is willing to put this much effort in to giving the UN-dead love. I am an artist from Milton Ontario (Mississauga born and raised) and have the same love for all things macabre, (you can check out my artwork at And I would be stoked to be part of your horror community. I don’t know if there is a qualification process but if you would like to see what I am involved in, I am currently featured on Zombos’ closet of horror ( look under horror art) and I am doing a piece for the Richard Dawkins “out Campaign” and you can see the line work of my Zombear sporting the Scarlett A T-shirt at ( under PROMO.) I am doing my very best to offer something new to horror culture and It would be great if I was allowed to become a regular contributor to your blog.

    Thanks for listening.

    Later days,

    Christopher Zenga

  6. The cheese anzalone.

    Wow, I have bought a few things from Bake and Destroy in the past!

    Justin, your beard is uber. 🙂

  7. Haha, why thank you. That pic is actually several months old. My beard was still a baby back then.

  8. i dont know how often you check this, but hey natalie, its tim from way way back. i was looking up some zombie stuff and came across this blog.

    i noticed no burial ground in you list of favorites…..disappointing.

    or zombie holocaust… basically a remake of Zombie, but with a legendary scene where a cannibal falls through some ceiling glass and from a birds eye shot, clearly has a mannequin arm bust loose upon hitting the ground below, but then the next shot is him on the ground with both arms intact. plus a zombie gets his face jacked by a trolling motor prop.

    anyway, thanks for keeping the zombie dream alive! i was just telling someone how you found my copy of house by the cemetery and city of the living dead (double disc set…jealous?) under my couch after i spent months turning my apartment upside down and accusing everyone i knew of taking it.

    thanks again

  9. i almost forgot, i saw on your bake site that you endorsed the filthy cowgirl soap. well guess what? give up? i was actually in hawaii in april and met the couple that makes that soap and bought about 10 pounds of it cause it rules and they have plenty of manly kinds for anyone judging me right now as i write this run on sentence

    they were so super nice and i have told many people about the soap and that the guy selling it is the only person i know that is around my age with a mustache-only that really works.

    death to the ironic mustache only. unless you are in your 40’s, loose it!

  10. Hey! Badass blog! I found you through twitter.
    Check out ZOMBIE! You can hit my myspace, twitter, and gear at

    nom nom nom


  11. The perfect tattoo… the one I believe we are all struggling toward… is the one that turned the jackass into a zebra. —-Raven, Cliff

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