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Zombie Boot Camp

Posted in funny, On the Web, YouTube on July 31, 2009 by leighcifer

This is so full of awesome.

There is an amusement park in Japan called Fuji-Q Highland, which offers a huge horror maze called Saikyō Senritsu Meikyū.  Recently, as part of publicity stunt by the amusement park, there was a staged press conference stating that the park was going to be closed down in order to train the zombies to be more scary.  They even went as far as making videos of the zombie training program!

Thanks to Laura for sending me the article from Pink Tentacle.

R.I.P. Clayton Hill 1931-2009

Posted in in the news, On the Web on July 30, 2009 by leighcifer


I just read on Vault of Horror that Clayton Hill, aka “sweater zombie” passed away at age 78 on Saturday due to complications from pneumonia. Hill’s zombie claim to fame was his role as the white sweater vest wearing brain-eater in the Romero classic Dawn of the Dead.  Hill leaves behind his wife Sharon Ceccatti, who played her own memorable zombie role in DotD as “nurse zombie”.


Clayton and Sharon were often seen at horror conventions together, signing autographs for all of us crazy zombie fans.

Rest in peace, Clayton. Thank you for being a part of zombie pop culture.

“El Ataque de las Tapas Zombies!”

Posted in art, funny, On the Web on July 23, 2009 by leighcifer

I found this neat little story on a food blog called Eat Me Daily.  In May of this year, an in-flight magazine for the airline Vueling published a pictorial called “El Ataque de las Tapas Zombies”, or “Attack of the Tapas Zombies”. Ling has since pulled the magazine because of this cool photo spread, but you can still view the whole thing online here.

tapas, which, after prolonged storage in badly refrigerated displays, have experienced changes in their genetic code and, finding themselves bloodthirsty, have started to rebel against the human race… The authorities have placed the entire city of Madrid under quarantine. Citizens are advised not to leave the house during meal times and to fasten their fridges with insulating tape.




You gotta be careful with food that used to be alive. That shit will kill you! (sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

Dr. Schlozman Explains How Zombies Could Exist

Posted in On the Web, Videos on June 13, 2009 by leighcifer

A big thanks to Zombies and Toys for sharing a video of Dr. Steven Schlozman giving a lecture on the science of zombies! I just found out about Dr. Schlozman’s interest in zombie neurobiology a few days ago, but it looks like Zombies and Toys covered this back in April. Check out the video here for some smart talk from Doc Schlozman.

Harvard Psychiatrist Explains Zombie Neurobiology

Posted in in the news, On the Web on June 11, 2009 by leighcifer

Dr. Steven C. Schlozman is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a lecturer at the Harvard School of Education.  See? Zombie fans come in all shapes and sizes! According to this article from io9, Dr. Schlozman lectures on the human brain, using zombie references to help drive his points home. Now that’s a lecture I might not fall asleep during!

You can read all about Schlozman’s concept of how a zombie would be, including frontal lobe activity, mirror neurons, and other smart stuff here.


Dawn of the Donut

Posted in art, Etsy, On the Web on June 4, 2009 by Natalie

I believe this is the first time that two of my blogs -this one, and the Donut Database– have ever covered the same topic. But hey, how many times do zombies and donuts cross paths? Not enough times if you ask me. So all hail Carrie of Caged Tomato for posting this cross over on her blog.

Donuts and the undead. That’s what I call a party.

Watch zombie flicks for free on FEARnet!

Posted in movies, On the Web with tags , on May 28, 2009 by Justin

night_of_the_creeps_ver1A good friend of Send More Cops, B-Sol over at the awesome Vault of Horror has recently and deservedly been given the opportunity to be an official affiliate of the equally awesome website FEARnet.  And his first order of business was to announce an upcoming series of “Infectious Films” that FEARnet will be streaming on their site for free.  This is, of course, in response to the recent outbreak of swine flu (which, fortunately, did not actually contain a strain of the zombie virus).

And when you’re talking about films about killer viruses, there are bound to be a few zombie movies thrown in.  And luckily, there are.  The series, which begins streaming on June 3rd, will feature zombie favorites like the awesome and too-little-seen high school zombie flick Dance of the Dead (which you may remember, I love) and the all time great — and one of my absolute favorites — Night of the CreepsNOTC is one of those that has never been released on DVD, although that’ll be changing in October.  But in the meantime, you can check it out on FEARnet!  (Unless you’re like me and DVR’d it off of Showtime months ago and have yet to delete it from the DVR so you can revisit it every couple of weeks, this is a rare treat.)

A couple of other zombie movies will be playing as well including Days of Darkness which I know nothing about and, uh, one of the Resident Evil movies.  You know.  The crappy one.

You can find out more about the series and about which films are playing over at The Vault of Horror.