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The Sick or the Dead? Which do you prefer?

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They started out as supernatural nightmares, rising, shambling from graves to do a master’s bidding.  Then zombies moved onto scientific origins, corpses reanimating because of toxic waste or radiation.  Now, the undead are losing their undead-ness and being shoved aside for infected masses, not so much reanimated corpses as they are the savage majority.

Why is the zombie population shifting from the graveyard to the lab?  The two sides are represented everywhere – “Night of the Living Dead” vs. “28 Days,” “The Laughing Corpse” vs. “I am Legend” and “Resident Evil” vs. “Left 4 Dead.”  Which do you prefer – actual dead corpses back up and on the prowl or your next-door-neighbor gone a little crazy?

Resident Evil 5 – Greatest or Racist?

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resi5-logo Although it’s been out for several months, Resident Evil 5 has accomplished several major achievements:

  • It is a sales record-breaking installment in a trend setting game series
  • It boasts some of the most realistic and state-of-the-art graphics that any modern gaming console could offer
  • It has been accused of being racist

Upon the game’s initial development, there were some groups and players who accused the fifth installment in Capcom’s Survival Horror series of being racist.  With the main protagonist being Caucasian being set against hordes of infected Africans, there arose a sentiment that the game had violent racial overtones.  In the end, an international committee did view the game and decide that it was not racist.  However, the question is raised: did this committee include minority gamers familiar with the series?

Resident Evil 5 is not racist.  It is one of the greatest games to be released in the last few years.  As a minority gamer familiar with the series, I can say that the gameplay is far from racist.  The action is indicative of the locale.  Case closed.  Resident Evil 4, which was set in Spain, was not accused of being racist although it was a similar setup, a Caucasian fighting infected minorities (in this case Spaniards.)  Resident Evil 5 also includes in its cast two other heroes, Sheva Alomar and Stone, both of whom are competent, three-dimensional and African.

Resident Evil 5 does not evolve beyond its issue of black and white because there never is an issue.  As a matter of fact, there are a blend of colors in the infected masses attacking and ethnicity is never mentioned.  Those who have accused the game of racism have not played it and are not familiar with the background story and its globe-trotting time-line.  In the end, it is small-mindedness that keeps us seeing black and white instead of good and evil, right and wrong, survival and survival horror.

Old news: Call of Duty features zombie mode?

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I guess I’m a little slow.  While I do play video games, I’m not what you’d call a video game geek per se (although the life-sized Master Chief head sitting two feet to my right might fool you), but I think I keep pretty up-to-date on things.  Which is why I’m ashamed to admit that I’d missed the fact that Call of Duty: World At War (which was released last November) features a friggin’ zombie mode in one of its DLC map packs.

Apparently, there’s been a new map pack released and the zombie mode has been updated with an all new custom map called Shi No Numa.  So there.  At least everything you’ve read in this post isn’t old news.

[trailer via PWN or DIE]

‘Zombie Panic in Wonderland’ game coming soon.

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I know there’s been a lot more video game coverage this week than usual (thanks to E3, of course) but don’t get used to it.  I hardly have time to play video games these days, what with all of this TV- and movie-watching I’m doing.  It’s hard to keep up with all forms of media.

Anyway, obviously the big zombie-centric news to come out of E3 has been the release of the Left 4 Dead 2 trailer and the trailer for Dead Rising 2, which wasn’t exactly released at E3 (Capcom, to my knowledge, isn’t appearing at the Expo) but conveniently found its way online yesterday.

But there’s another zombie game that’s kind of flown under the radar, mostly because it’s from a developer that nobody’s ever heard of, and probably also because it’s for the Wii, which I’m not sure that anyone gives a crap about anymore.  But whatever, here’s the press release in its (short) entirety:

Up and running since November of 2008 and only seven months old, the video game creator Akaoni Studios is undergoing its first project.

“Zombie Panic in Wonderland” will be available for Wii Ware during the last term of this year and its creators assure it to be a frantic action game with great amounts of humor too macabre for Nintendo to handle.

“Humor too macabre for Nintendo to handle”?  What the eff does that mean?  This is, in fact, on Nintendo, so I’m not sure that it makes any sense at all.  Maybe something was lost in translation.

Eh, this game’s probably gonna suck.

[via WiiBlog]

‘Dead Rising 2’ trailer leaked

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

It looks like Capcom has accidentally let this trailer for Dead Rising 2 leak on the internets.  Conveniently, it just happened to leak the day after the phenomenal trailer for Left 4 Dead 2.  Hm…

[via Fangoria]

‘Left 4 Dead 2’ trailer debuts at E3

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This is a big week for video game nerds.  The E3 conference is happening in Los Angeles right now and new video game news is comin’ out the wazoo.  G4 is the official broadcaster of the convention and they just debuted the new trailer for Left 4 Dead 2.

Everything about this looks amazing.

Left 4 Dead 2 drops on November 17th for the X-Box 360 and PC.  Conveniently, that’s the week of my birthday.